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Parameters and application fields of large size touch inquiry machine

The large-size touch inquiry machine adopts full HD LCD as the display part (above 32 inches), and is equipped with the latest international infrared single-point touch screen or infrared multi-point touch screen (true 2 points, 4 points, 6 points, 10 points, 16 points) , 32 points) is a touch medium, the touch screen has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong light resistance and anti-interference, long service life, high touch accuracy, and sensitive response. , electronic flip book system and other application software in different industries, successfully display web pages, text, images, video, animation, high-definition video, audio, electronic files, Internet information and other multimedia, showing that technology leads the future, and can achieve the most The cutting-edge operating system Windows7/8 is perfectly combined, which realizes multi-touch and multiple gesture recognition, and can instinctively and naturally perform zooming, rotating and annotating operations on pictures, videos, web pages, documents, etc., making the touch more brisk , smooth, elevate the touch experience to a whole new level, fully reflecting the unique charm of human-computer interaction. The sheet metal part of the fuselage adopts an integrated design, which is in line with ergonomic requirements, beautiful and stable.


Features of large size touch inquiry machine:

◆ Overall beautiful and generous, innovative design

◆ Appearance can be customized, color optional

◆ Full HD picture quality, experience high-quality visuals

◆ The touch method is optional and the operation is simple

◆ All-weather self-service use, good stability

◆ Timely after-sales service to ensure satisfaction


The application fields of large-size touch inquiry machines are generally: government, army, police station, court, shopping mall, school, hotel, tourism, industry and commerce, taxation, bank, station, hospital, telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, real estate, exhibition hall, books Museums, lottery stations and other public inquiry and exhibition occasions,


The role of the large-size touch inquiry machine: to facilitate self-service inquiry by customers, improve the efficiency of various enterprises and institutions, and enhance the image of enterprises

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