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5 main parameters for purchasing an inquiry machine

With the popularization and application of commercial display devices, interactive touch display devices have deeply affected people's work and life. Among many commercial display devices, products such as touch query machines are the most familiar and used.

The search machine integrates many functions and features such as TV computer, digital signage, multimedia audio, Internet service, beautiful appearance industrial manufacturing technology, etc. The inquiry machine is widely used in many fields such as education and teaching, commercial display, conference training, government agencies, etc. The convenient human-computer interaction brings more customers and profits to businesses, and brings convenience and excitement to life. However, due to the mixed quality of query machine manufacturers and uneven quality, the phenomenon of mixed brands is very serious. To this end, when you are confused about purchasing a query machine that suits you, we provide you with five reference points for purchasing a query machine below, hoping to help you.

First, the choice of LCD screen is very important. Frankly speaking, the most valuable part of an inquiry machine's hardware is a high-quality LCD screen, because the quality of the LCD screen directly affects the overall phenomenon and experience of the inquiry machine, so a good inquiry machine must use the highest specifications. The LCD screen is the core hardware of the whole machine.

Second, touch technology can not be ignored. There are three common types of resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen and infrared touch screen on the market. Capacitors and resistors cannot be made in large sizes. The infrared touch screen can be made in small size or large size, and the touch sensitivity and accuracy are high, easy to maintain, and have a long practical life. The infrared touch screen is still very good, but pay attention to distinguish Infrared this multi-touch and fake multi-touch.

Third, the host configuration depends on your choice. The host configuration of the query machine is not much different from the configuration of the commonly used computer. It is basically composed of several main blocks such as the motherboard, CPU, memory and hard disk. In addition, the configuration of the query machine can be selected according to your own needs. The best and direct Manufacturers buy, they have advantages in hardware technology and personalized customization solutions, and it is easier to operate.

Fourth, the more functional applications, the better. The inquiry machine integrates the functions of TV, computer and monitor, and uses touch operation instead of the mouse and keyboard. Basically, the functions that the computer can achieve and the inquiry machine can do. The inquiry machine can be matched with different types of touch software. More functions can be used in school teaching, shopping mall display, conference training, information inquiry, government agency inquiry and display, no problem. There are still many functions of the touch all-in-one machine. It is recommended to go to the official website of the touch all-in-one machine manufacturer to see the product. Learn about touch all-in-one features.

Fifth, the machine selection should be based on specific needs. There are many sizes of inquiry machines, ranging from 19 inches to 84 inches. When purchasing, I don’t know how to choose the size. Here’s how to choose. Generally speaking, self-service terminals are mainly used for human-computer interaction because of It doesn't need to be too big, 15-22 is fine. If it is used for interactive display, it is suitable for 32-46. If it is used for video conferencing for children's teaching, and for real estate companies to display, it needs to be Choose a machine over 55 inches. The price of the inquiry machine depends on what size you want, and what are the requirements for the configuration of the inquiry machine. Different sizes and configurations have different prices.

In addition to the above five points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing an inquiry machine, there is another important factor, that is, the brand. A good brand can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also ensure perfect after-sales service, allowing you to After purchasing the machine, there is no worries.

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