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Ten reasons to choose Aiopc computer all-in-one machine, advertising machine, query machine

With the passage of time and the development of the industry, the technology has become more and more mature and stable, the functions have become more and more abundant, and the appearance has become more and more fashionable and beautiful.

       Shenzhen Aiopc Digital, in line with the corporate tenet of "reputation as gold, and people as peaks", always adheres to the business philosophy of independent innovation and pursuit of excellence, and continues to carry out technology research and development and innovation in the application field of TV and computer all-in-one machines. Innovation and good quality to enhance the competitiveness and credibility of enterprises in the market. In order to inherit the long history of the brand and expand its brand awareness and influence, Aiopc has made persistent efforts to launch advertising machines and query machines, further enriching and strengthening its video products. All its products adhere to the line of high specification and high quality, and are produced according to strict manufacturing process. TV and computer all-in-one, advertising machines, search machines, etc. rely on mature and stable technology, diverse and rich functions; they also rely on excellent multi-touch technology, attractive design, and thin and compact body. More and more consumers are chasing Object.

       Customers often ask me, is the computer all-in-one good? How about an all-in-one computer? What brand of computer all-in-one is good? It is really difficult for customers to choose their favorite qualified factories. Here I will talk about the ten reasons for choosing Aiopc for your reference.

        1. "Praise for gold, people for peak" is the business philosophy of Aiopc people, and the company and reputation are guaranteed. The company was established in 2004, the products are constantly increasing, the scale is constantly expanding, it has its own factory, it is easy to control the cost, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

        2. Since 2008, Aiopc has started to produce touch computer all-in-one machines, advertising machines, and query machines. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions around the world. After years of time testing, the products are mature and stable.

        3. The quality of Aiopc's products starts from the source. The selection of all suppliers is very strict, and all incoming materials are inspected before they can be put into storage.

        4. The LCD screens used by Aiopc are all recently produced, brand new LG screens. All A+, full viewing angle, no dark spots, bright spots or color spots.

        5. All motherboards, cpu, memory, and graphics cards are original brand new products with a 3-year warranty. Any other accessories are guaranteed for one year, including fragile keyboards and mice.

        6. Aiopc's touch screen, no matter the resistive screen for 18.5 and 21.6 or the infrared touch screen for 26 and above, are all high-precision and high-sensitivity. More than 2 points of infrared touch are real multi-touch supported by hardware, flexible operation, smooth writing, and free to use. Up to 32 touches can be supported.

        7. The all-in-one computer can be used as a full-width discrete graphics card, and use its own patented technology to perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem, which is a good boon for high-end customers who need independent graphics.

        8. When leaving the factory, the inspection, aging test, re-inspection and other technological processes are strictly carried out. Only when all of them are qualified, can they leave the factory.

        9. Excellent after-sales service, no matter whether the customer is domestic or foreign, new or old, and non-artificial damage, we provide perfect after-sales service.

        10. The metal shell of the advertising machine and the touch all-in-one machine is being changed to an aluminum alloy design, which is more beautiful and elegant in appearance, without any deformation, and the touch is more accurate.

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