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Analysis of common problems and solutions of advertising machines

Nowadays, as the use of advertising machines is becoming more and more extensive, users often ignore the daily maintenance problems in the later use, which will directly affect the stability of the system. Below, Aiopc Digital will analyze the common problems and solutions of advertising machines for you. Hope Can help you as follows:

1. There is no response after the advertising machine is plugged in.

In this case, first check whether the special power supply is powered on. The user can try to remove the advertising machine and open its back cover to check to see if the existing material has fallen off or loosened.

The test method provided by Aiopc Digital: If the indicator light is normal when using the universal meter, it proves that the power supply is powered, and the power failure problem is ruled out. Next, the user needs to check the power-on status of the decoding board, the advertising machine driver board, and the LCD screen in turn to see if there is a problem with the accessories and the power is not turned on.

2. The advertising machine has no sound.

In this case, first open the back cover of the advertising machine, use a multimeter to check whether the function of the driver board is powered on, and then check whether the connection of the speaker wire is normal. If there is a lot of noise from the speakers, it means that the driver board of the advertising machine has been damaged and needs to be replaced immediately.

3. There is no display on the screen of the advertising machine, and the indicator light on the front panel flashes.

In this case, the user needs to check whether the signal connection between the display of the advertising machine and the computer is firm, and carefully check whether there is any problem with the socket of the signal line. If the pins are bent or broken, they should be replaced in time.

4. The screen of the advertising machine flickers.

In this case, the external factors such as the magnetic field and power supply voltage around the advertising machine should be excluded first. If there is no abnormality, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether the graphics card driver of the advertising machine display has installation problems. If the above problems are ruled out, then the user can try to increase the refresh rate to 75HZ, and if it is still not feasible, a professional is required for inspection and maintenance.

The common problems and solutions of the above four advertising machines are provided by Aiopc Digital. For more information about advertising machines, please pay attention to Aiopc Digital www.aio-pc.net.

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