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Summary of common maintenance knowledge of query machine

The inquiry machine is an all-in-one machine that users can query information by themselves, so the structure of the inquiry machine can be understood according to the information machine. Most users often ignore some maintenance details in the daily maintenance of the inquiry machine, thereby shortening the service life of the inquiry machine. Investment wasted. In this regard, Aiopc Digital has summarized the common maintenance knowledge of the inquiry machine to share with you, as follows:

1. Generally speaking, the touch screen of the normally installed inquiry machine should be cleaned once a year, because if the reflective stripes around the touch screen cover too much dust, the touch screen will gradually lose its touch function. Users can spray glass cleaner or alcohol on the towel, and then wipe the glass surface with the towel. For the dust between the gap between the front cover of the touch display and the touch screen, a thin cloth strip on a business card or bank card sleeve can be used for simple treatment.

2. Before cleaning the inquiry machine, the user must cut off the power supply of the inquiry machine. Moreover, since water droplets will seriously affect the response speed of the touch screen, users should pay attention to keeping the screen dry when cleaning, and avoid wiping with water.

3. In practical applications, query machine users often do not pay enough attention to the problem of switching on and off the product. In fact, the switch on and off of touch-type digital signage products has a fixed order. The order of turning on the power is the display, audio, and host, and the order of turning off the power is reversed.

4. Since a large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk of the query machine, if you frequently break points or directly shut down without exiting Windows, it will soon lead to hard disk errors. Therefore, you need to run ScanDisk regularly to scan for hard disk errors. It is best to set it in the application. Secretly exit applications and power off Windows again.

5. Do not squeeze the touch area too much on the display shell or cabinet shell of the inquiry machine, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the mouse is always at a certain point on the four sides of the display. In the actual application process, if the cabinet casing presses the touch area, you can slightly increase the distance between the cabinet and the monitor screen; if the monitor casing presses the touch area, you can also try to tighten the screws of the monitor casing Unscrew a little.

In this article, a summary of common maintenance knowledge of inquiry machines is provided by Aiopc Digital www.aio-pc.net. In addition to inquiry machines, Aiopc Digital's main products are: food ordering machines, computer all-in-one machines, and advertising machines.

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