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Special description of Aiopc Digital's products

According to the needs of customers, Aiopc Digital www.aio-pc.net can install infrared touch screen, as shown below

Free built-in high-definition digital TV receiving module, rich expansion interface, can be connected to U disk, DVD, satellite receiver, other computers, HDMI, etc., support picture-in-picture, you can watch TV while playing computer, only need to add 260 yuan to replace Watching domestic DVB-TH full HD terrestrial digital TV (you need to receive DVB-TH signal locally, this does not support picture-in-picture), spend the same money as LCD TV, not only buy back TV, but also buy back computer, two-in-one First, it is simple and elegant, and home customers can be placed in the hall, bedroom or even in the corner of the kitchen to enjoy the fun of life anytime, anywhere! For hotels and guesthouses, it is more affordable and convenient for guests who come to stay, and the guest rooms are also upgraded to computer VIP rooms!

The wireless keyboard and mouse set without touch can completely get rid of the shackles of wired, just like a wild horse, let it gallop!

【Detailed introduction of all-in-one machine】

 1. High reliability

The motherboard adopts Intel N330 processor, with the chipset MCP79/MCP7A of NVIDIA ION platform, and the switching power supply is switched on and off in the CPU power supply part, which can provide stable, sufficient and high-efficiency power supply to the CPU, and the same is used for the power supply of the memory. Switching power supply, so the stability of the whole board is good. The main frequency of the processor is 1.6GHz,

And its TDP is as small as 8W. All peripherals have added some anti-static components to ensure that the system can work stably, efficiently and for a long time. The computer works less than 30W, super low power consumption, low carbon, and green.

Fan: The computer comes with a roller fan, which is super silent. Even in the dead of night, it is extremely difficult to find the existence of the fan.

2. high performance

The MCP79 chipset adopts a single-chip design, integrating the north bridge MCH, south bridge ICH, and graphics core mGPU. While achieving a small size, it also significantly improves the performance of the platform. The motherboard integrates GeForce 9400M graphics card, has 16 stream processors, supports DirectX 10, 3D games, physical acceleration, HD 1080p video playback, full HD video decoding and display, resolution up to 2560x1800, HDMI interface supports high-quality audio output .

Memory Kingston 1G DDR2 notebook with a single 1GB, genuine licensed lifetime free warranty, 3 years replacement.

The hard disk Samsung 2.5-inch notebook uses 250G5400 rpm SATAⅡ3.0Gb/s serial port 8m cache, the reading speed is very fast, the new licensed authentic, three-year national warranty (good news, now you only need to add 50 yuan hard disk to upgrade to 500G! Our shop is engaged in activities, seize the opportunity!)

Sound card: Integrated High Denifition 5.1-channel high-quality sound quality output, and also supports optical audio output, which is a boon for music enthusiasts. Built-in imported high-quality stereo speakers, 8 ohms and 10 watts, two each for treble and midrange, distributed on the left and right sides under the face shell

Network card: The 1000MB ultra-fast network card integrated on the motherboard is absolutely super fast! You can also grab the speed of others on the broadband connected by the same network cable. Ha ha! Built-in Wifi wireless network card, 802.11b/g/n, up to 150Mb, dual antennas for transceiver, unparalleled signal.

Optical drive: standard without DVD-ROM optical drive (if necessary, you can add a USB DVD optical drive, only add 180 yuan)

Display: New perfect A+ screen LCD (no dots, no spots, no spots)

(The shell is currently available in two colors: "piano black" and "ceramic white", please consult online customer service for details! The default piano black is shipped! Now buy a free gift package worth 256 yuan in our store, a high-definition camera + wireless Keyboard and mouse set + mouse pad + system disk set)

[Software value-added free service] Our store installs XP-SP3 (default) or WIN7 operating system for free, and also installs commonly used software, such as Thunder, QQ, OFFICE office software, and also installs one-key restore for free. When there is a problem with your system At the same time, with just one click, you can restore the original appearance, the price of the compatible machine, and the service of the brand machine.

【Description of postage】

The all-in-one machine is a precision instrument. All the sales in this store are made of wood (30 yuan for the wood frame). The postage is expensive, but the safety guarantee is not good. , customers in some cities can also choose to pick up by themselves, and the freight will be much less

【Buyers need to know】

1: For customers who buy an all-in-one computer! We will assist customers to fully pre-install the XP system (excluding copyright) for free, and do a one-click restore. Because the computer needs to be assembled, tested, etc., the buyer will ship within three days after payment! !

2: When the buyer receives the goods, they must disassemble and inspect it in front of the courier to ensure that the appearance, configuration and description are consistent with the description. If there is any problem, they should contact us immediately and explain the situation!!! Otherwise, all the consequences will be borne by the buyer bear.

3: Because the all-in-one computer belongs to the category of precision instruments, during the transportation process, we all use 5-layer carton and wooden frame to send it to ensure that it is foolproof!

4: The acceptance is completed within 48 hours after receiving the goods. Those who maliciously delay payment, or who give neutral and negative comments at will, will be regarded as automatically giving up after-sales service and all warranty commitments! ! !

5: After the acceptance of the goods is completed, if it is confirmed that any accessories are damaged, please confirm the payment first, and we will promise the warranty service.

6: If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods, it needs to be returned, and the return shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer.

7: Instructions for repair: send the accessories half the postage for one person, please indicate the Taobao ID to facilitate us to find, and explain the fault condition. It will be sent by express, and the surface mail will be rejected.

8: Taobao is not the only way for sellers to sell computer mainframes, so buyers need to confirm with sellers whether they are in stock before taking pictures of this mainframe.

9: Once the buyer takes the picture, it is deemed to agree to the above terms, and the unfinished matters will be resolved through negotiation between the two parties.

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