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How is the size of the inquiry machine calculated?

The size of the led inquiry machine we usually refer to generally refers to the size of the liquid crystal display. This is a relatively standardized statement, because like inquiry machines, it is divided into several large models such as wall-mounted touch inquiry machines and floor-to-ceiling touch inquiry machines. The shell of the inquiry machine is divided into right angle and rounded angle. Therefore, the specific shell size of the touch inquiry machine needs to be contacted with our customer service staff.

When customers buy touch inquiry machines, customers often have no concept of size, which may also be related to the fact that we rarely use inches as a unit of measurement in our lives, but it doesn't matter. Next, we will use the commonly used dimensions of touch inquiry machines to Convert to centimeters (cm) to see how big it is.

Let's take our company's 42-inch (16:9) touch inquiry machine as an example to explain how to convert it:

It is known that 1 inch=2.54cm is available, and the diagonal size of the 42-inch touch all-in-one machine is: 42*2.54cm=106.68cm

Assumption: the length and width of the touch query machine is X,

Then it can be concluded that the length is: 16X, the width is 9X

According to the Pythagorean theorem (A 2 +B 2 =C 2 ), we can get: 16X 2 +9X 2 =106.682

Find X=5.81

So: the length of the touch inquiry machine is: 16*5.81=92.96cm and the width is: 9*5.81=52.29cm.

Through the above formula, you can easily calculate the specific length and width of other sizes!

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