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Aiopc digital computer all-in-one products are upgraded to high-definition ion platform across the board, and the upgrade does not increase the price!

From now on, the company's entire product line adopts high-end high-definition ion platform, fully supports DirectX 10, runs 3D games smoothly, physical acceleration, HD 1080p video playback, full HD video decoding and display, resolution up to 2560x1800, HDMI interface supports 5.1 channels High-quality audio output, an ALC662 sound card chip is integrated on the board, supporting S/PDIF optical audio output, Gigabit network, MIC in, Audio out, VGA video output, 4 USB 2.0, etc.; very low power consumption.

Display supports VGA, HDMI, YPBPR, AV1, AV2, S-VIDEO, TV input, support AV output, can connect analog TV signals, DVD players, digital TV set-top boxes, terrestrial digital TV receivers, satellite receivers, etc. Support USB input, you can play mp3, wma and other music without starting the computer, you can also automatically play photos and use it as a digital photo frame.

Support picture-in-picture display, several terminal inputs can be combined at will, for example, you can watch TV while playing on the computer, watch DVD while playing on the computer, etc., you can display two sets of inputs at the same time, and the window position can be adjusted. The specific differences are as follows:

处理器Intel Atom N230  1.6GHz 单核Intel Atom N330  1.6GHz 双核
主板芯片Intel 945GCMCP79
显示卡集成 Intel GMA950独立Geforce 9400
音频AC 97ALC66  支持5.1声道,支持光纤输出
网卡内置 RTL 8101C 100兆网卡内置  RTL8111C 千兆网卡

In today's rapid economic development, our housing prices are getting higher and higher, and the space is getting smaller and smaller. The TV and computer all-in-one machine has brought us the maximum rational use of the limited space. We spent the same money as LCD TVs and bought TVs back. Computer all-in-one, fully supports high-definition, the best arrangement of funds, the best use of resources, low-carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection, three networks in one, it is the best carrier.

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