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What are the benefits of the application of teaching inquiry machines in primary and secondary schools

Nowadays, in most primary and secondary schools, we can find the figure of teaching inquiry machine. Compared with traditional teaching, it has many benefits because the integrated teaching and query machine cooperates with multimedia for teaching. It can not only create a relaxed and green learning environment, but also make students' learning easier. So what are the benefits of using the teaching inquiry machine in middle schools? Aiopc Digital will introduce it to you below.

1. Improve students' attention. The application of the teaching inquiry machine in middle schools can successfully attract the attention of students by virtue of its own advantages, so that the small movements are significantly reduced, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of learning, so that the students can concentrate and listen to the lectures seriously.

2. Improve students' comprehension. In the teaching inquiry machine, there is generally a teaching resource library and some supporting software. The existence of these resources and software can provide students with a variety of methods and ideas for analyzing and solving problems during learning, so that they can easily understand what they accept. knowledge, so that students can find a suitable method to solve the problem of learning.

3, is conducive to the development of students' thinking. The teaching inquiry machine is used with multimedia, and it can demonstrate dynamic graphs. This creates a dynamic and attractive learning environment for students. It not only helps the development of students' thinking, but also effectively helps students to assimilate knowledge and cultivate innovative ability.

4. Help students learn from the past. The teaching inquiry machine can save the content and process of the teacher's previous teaching, so that when students do not understand the knowledge they have learned before, they can learn again through the teaching inquiry machine. This not only helps to promote students' learning, but also facilitates students to consolidate and recall the knowledge they have learned before, so that old knowledge and concepts can be more deeply stored in students' minds.

5. Stimulate the visual memory of students. From the beginning of junior high school, students generally face three transitions of intellectual development, namely, from auditory memory to visual memory; from mechanical memory to meaning memory; from image thinking to abstract thinking. According to relevant practice, the teaching inquiry machine can start from triggering and improving visual memory, which not only enables students to discuss questions more confidently to find answers, but also consolidate the effective development of deep thinking through targeted questions.

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