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Who is the computer all-in-one suitable for?

For different users, the all-in-one computer can meet their various needs:

Student users - small size, learning functions, simple games;

Home users - integrate the home environment, chat, listen to music, watch movies;

Office users - document editing, form processing, web applications.

The consequence of PC homogenization is that products cannot be innovated. Therefore, differentiation has become a means for PC manufacturers to pursue new profits. The positioning of all-in-one computers in the market is different from ordinary computers. In a broad sense, the all-in-one computer is mainly used for home entertainment, but in fact, whether it is a student user, a home user or an office user, if a reasonable choice is made, the all-in-one computer can still bring them a better application environment.

1. Student users

Objectively speaking, the involvement of student users is not extensive, and the main purpose of these users buying computers is to study. But strictly speaking, student users have their own sub-groups, that is, primary and secondary school students and college students. Primary and secondary school students generally live at home, so the purchased computers are naturally used at home, which requires the computer to be integrated with the family environment as much as possible. For example, if the computer is placed in the study room, the computer is required to be small in size.

Obviously, all-in-one PCs can serve this role well. In practical applications, primary and secondary school students use computers mainly for study, or to play some simple online games. In addition, their computer operation level is not high, which requires the computer to be simple and easy to operate. All-in-one computer can undoubtedly Meet their needs; for college students, in addition to learning programming, course design and computer knowledge, they also need daily entertainment such as online chat, watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. An ideal choice, especially for girls, the compact and stylish design of the all-in-one computer will win their hearts even more.

2. Home users

For home users, the purpose of purchasing a computer is mainly for entertainment. They like to chat on the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, play online games, and even use the computer to watch TV programs. In terms of applicability, the all-in-one computer pays more attention to entertainment, because it not only has all the functions of a computer, but also has a TV function, so you no longer have to worry about grabbing TV channels with other family members, you can be yourself in the living room or room. , enjoy your favorite football program, you can even lie in bed or sit on the sofa, use the wireless remote control to control the front computer from a distance, and truly enjoy the concept of modern family entertainment life. Some home users also like to use mobile phones, DV and other equipment to shoot digital images, and then use computers to edit and make various digital electronic entertainment discs.

All-in-one computer is equipped with various digital device interfaces, which brings convenience to home entertainment users. Undoubtedly, the all-in-one computer is a product specially designed for home entertainment users. The compact and convenient design, beautiful and fashionable appearance, and practical entertainment functions can reflect the concept of modern family, whether it is placed in the room or placed in the The living room can be integrated with the room layout and living room style.

3. Office users

For office users such as e-commerce, financial personnel, web designers, and programmers, it is nothing more than editing and printing Word documents (such as contract documents), processing and printing tabular data (such as financial statements), scanning, copying or printing documents or photos, and then The other is to conduct online transactions (such as inquiries or place orders), network video conferences, LAN sharing, remote control, etc. These are very common daily applications, and do not involve high-end and large-scale program operation. Moreover, games are generally not allowed inside the company, and low-cost all-in-one computers are fully qualified for these applications.

Therefore, it requires that the performance of the computer is not high. In addition, in order to save the cost of procurement and maintenance, the company chooses a low-cost all-in-one computer when it is sufficient. It can not only save the procurement cost, but also save the office space. More importantly, due to the use of a mobile processor with lower power consumption, it has low heat generation and ultra-quiet features, which can reduce the annoyance caused by the excessive noise of the host computer, and create tranquility and comfort for office users. office environment.

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