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Interactive intelligent touch inquiry machine

Recently, Aiopc Digital launched an interactive intelligent touch inquiry machine, and now I will introduce its parameters to you:

The interactive intelligent touch query machine is an interactive intelligent integrated product specially developed for multimedia applications. It is designed to solve the traditional multimedia and conference system. The combination of projector + electronic whiteboard + computer + TV + touch box + audio and other equipment a series of problems encountered. The interactive intelligent touch inquiry machine is simple to install and easy to maintain. Users only need to touch the icons or characters on the computer screen with their fingers to operate the host computer, which not only gets rid of keyboard and mouse operations, but also enables human-computer interaction. more straightforward.

The inquiry machine includes different models of 42, 55, 65, 70, 84, and 98 inches. It is mainly used in public places hall information release, inquiry, multimedia teaching, etc. The main application places include classrooms, halls, libraries, training rooms, conferences, etc. room, administrative center, command center, multimedia conference, etc.

The main features of the interactive intelligent touch inquiry machine are as follows:

Adopt the most advanced multi-point infrared or optical touch technology, support 6-point simultaneous touch, support multi-gesture action recognition, the resolution through interpolation algorithm can be as high as 32767 × 32767; support plug and play;

Support 8/10bit dual-channel LVDS (1920*1080) high-definition display, support temperature control and light-sensitive response functions, true color OSD user-friendly operation menu;

The response time is less than 8ms, which effectively improves the display effect of moving images, eliminates the smearing problem of the picture, and makes the picture more smooth;

Metal aluminum profile shell, integrated design, special reinforcement, waterproof structure design, suitable for any harsh environment, to avoid scratches, damage and corrosion of the screen;

The viewing angle can reach more than 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical) to meet the viewing needs of different occasions, and more viewers can watch at the same time;

Super long life, 24 hours / day of heavy load work, 365 days of non-stop work throughout the year;

The contrast ratio of up to 4000:1 greatly increases the color expression, thus ensuring the high-level performance of the picture;

Rich input and output interface, can provide AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, RJ45, BNC, USB and other interfaces.

Major application industries include:

Financial institutions (business inquiries and service promotions within outlets)

Command center (video surveillance, control host)

Education (Multimedia Classroom)

Government agencies (public information release, government affairs disclosure)

Shopping center (shopping guide, merchant and product inquiry, advertising promotion, new product introduction, product display)

Conference room (company introduction, exhibit display, training)

Exhibition hall design (event venue layout)

Cinema (movie trailers and trailers)

Buildings (unit type and landscape effect display, information release).

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