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All-in-one computer transforms industry applications

The emergence of all-in-one computers has made the choice of computers more diversified for industrial users, and the birth of all-in-one computers with screen touch function has broadened the range of product choices for those industrial users who pursue higher performance and ease of use. Not long ago, aiopc launched the latest all-in-one computer apc220T, which has a breakthrough in the traditional screen touch function, making it more convenient to use. Combined with the high-definition screen, complete configuration, and easy-to-use performance of this all-in-one computer, the application of the all-in-one computer has been extended to a wider user base.

Multimedia classroom: touch interactive teaching is more efficient

If there is a multimedia computer classroom equipped with aiopc touch computer all-in-one computer apc220T, the computer class will become a teaching paradise with high interaction between teachers and students. In class, teachers can not only use the mouse and keyboard to operate, but also use the touch screen function of apc220T to write directly on the screen just like writing on a blackboard. If the students have any questions, the teacher can also stand by his side and "point" directly on his computer screen; similarly, students can also drag and drop, move, etc. on the screen to put their own ideas or sketches. Show it to teachers and classmates. Because this way of pointing and writing is the most intuitive and most suitable way of thinking in the human brain, students are more willing to actively think about and communicate problem-solving methods, and the efficiency of classroom teaching is also improved.

In addition, apc220T has a built-in 4-in-1 card reader and provides up to 7 high-speed USB 2.0 interfaces, which are convenient to connect with digital peripherals such as keyboards, mice, flash drives, mobile hard drives, digital cameras, and printers. Students can use their own The extracurricular assignments and research results are brought to the classroom to share with everyone. The built-in 1.3 million camera, microphone and stereo speakers make remote teaching possible.

Window industries such as hotel reception desks: touch communication is more cordial

For the "window" industry with limited desktop space, the messy power cables and data cables behind ordinary desktop computers not only occupy a lot of desktop space, but also directly affect the cleanliness and beauty of external windows when facing users. If the bulky computer host is hidden under the table, the legs of the service staff not only have no "movement", but also are at risk of tripping over various cables. If the service staff works in a relatively narrow space for a long time, it is easy to feel psychological depression, and this depression may be brought to work, thereby reducing the quality of service.

If the "window" industry is equipped with an all-in-one computer, these questions about fusible alloy nozzles will be easily solved. apc220T integrates a huge host with a display, and the connection of the whole machine is as simple as only one power cord. The matching wireless keyboard and mouse is beautiful and compact, you can take it with you when you use it, and put it aside when you don't use it, so it won't occupy the desktop at all. If it is equipped with apc220T with touch function, it is more convenient for service personnel to communicate with customers, which shortens the distance between service providers and customers, makes communication more friendly, and improves service quality and efficiency.

Business casual: touch entertainment made easier

More and more cafes and book bars that focus on business and leisure functions have opened up an area for guests to send and receive emails, play small games, and watch blockbusters online at any time. A few comfortable sofas, a few computers, and a cup of coffee make the busy white-collar workers find the comfort of stealing for half a day. If you put several apc220T computer all-in-one computers with a variety of fashion elements, high-definition screens, and touch functions in this leisure area, it can definitely highlight the main business and leisure service characteristics of coffee shops or book bars, and it is enough to "win" many repeat customers. .

aiopc apc220T touch computer all-in-one can play all the current high-definition videos smoothly, and also allow customers to play all the current 3D game masterpieces. vegetable.

aiopc computer all-in-one apc220T products have been listed in China. This machine has made many breakthroughs in industrial design, functional ease of use and hardware configuration. Judging from the current market response, it has the potential to be a star product. It is believed that with the accumulation of time, more industrial application potentials of touch computer all-in-one will be continuously tapped by manufacturers and users.

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