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How to buy a TV computer all-in-one machine?

TV and computer all-in-one machine is a good choice for personal home use, student purchase or corporate hotel. On the one hand, because the bedroom TV does not need a particularly large size, and after purchasing an all-in-one TV and computer, there is no need to place a "clunky" computer in the bedroom, which not only saves space, but also effectively prevents the computer from running. noise interference.

However, when buying an all-in-one TV and computer, you must pay attention to the following points:

1.Be sure to choose products with registered trademarks. There are a lot of TV and computer all-in-one machines on the market, so you should pay more attention when purchasing.

2. The customized format of the display should be suitable for the TV system of the region. The display device of the TV and computer all-in-one machine should preferably be LCD/LED, choose a large-sized display screen and support 1080P full HD, the general display ratio is 16:9 or 4:3, and it has a wide viewing angle.

3. It is convenient to use and operate. For the TV and computer all-in-one machine, it is necessary to support remote control operation first, and secondly, it must be equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Using a wired keyboard and mouse is not only inconvenient, but also unsightly.

4. It is best to customize a cost-effective all-in-one machine that suits you, and configure your own machine correctly: such as hard disk/memory capacity/display resolution/size/optical drive/wireless network card/touch, etc.

 Buying an all-in-one machine is generally more suitable for a 26-inch/32-inch bedroom. After all, it can bring users full HD video effects and a better application experience. In contrast, the configuration users are better able to choose by themselves, but there is no It is necessary to pursue the top-level configuration, which can only increase the power consumption of the whole machine and the cost of purchasing the machine. I hope that with the help of the above four points, you can buy an all-in-one product that is truly suitable for you, and make your home environment more beautiful. Beautiful and more comfortable. 

In addition, with the growing demand for computers in the living room, consumers also hope to be able to equip the living room with a suitable all-in-one TV and computer to meet their daily entertainment needs. It is recommended to configure a computer TV all-in-one machine with a size of 42 inches or more.

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